LEGO Mindstorms Robotics

What are Mindstorms?

Check out this presentation going over the different components of the robots.


These are the projects that will be completed throughout the week.

The robot will drive on a white poster board that has different colored rectangles in a line. As the robot “sees” a color, it will say the name of the color. If the robot sees red, the robot will stop, and the program will end.

The robot will act as if it is afraid of the dark. When a room is dark, the robot will cry. When the room is bright, the robot will be silent.

The robot will continue to drive forward. Once the touch sensor is pressed, the robot will back up and break. The program will end on its own.

The robot will turn away every time its touch sensor is pressed.

The robot will reverse every time an object is 30 centimeters or closer to the robot. Otherwise, it will not move.

The robot will drive forward until it sees an object 10 centimeters in front of it. It will then stop, turn, and continue driving until it sees another obstacle.

The robot will use the gyro sensor to turn in place 90 degrees. It will then break, and the program will end.

The robot will drive in a perfect square. When it gets to its original starting point, it will break and the program will end.

The robot will maneuver its way through an obstacle course, and the program will end.

The robot will drive in a 3ft diameter circle one time clockwise. After the robot is back at its initial position, the program should end.

The robot will turn counterclockwise in place 10 times. The robot will break, and the program will end.